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Private Details of 50m Turks Leaked Online

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  • Private Details of 50m Turks Leaked Online

    Source:extratorrentOriginal Author:saMPost Date:April 6, 2016Link in extratorrent:Private Details of 50m Turks Leaked Online

    A database with the private details of 49 million Turks was recently published online: if found to be genuine, it will potentially make more than 50% of the population of Turkey vulnerable to identity theft and privacy violations. While security experts haven’t yet verified the database as authentic, the leaked data posted to a server hosted in Romania featured introduction explaining that the hack was of political nature.

    The database contains the national ID numbers for all of the entrants in the system and other personal details, like parents’ names, full address, and date of birth. The hackers specifically excerpted the specific details of the current president of Turkey Erdogan, his predecessor Gul and the current prime minister Davutoglu. The database was posted on the site which also contained a message addressed to Turkey, which made it clear how the data was stolen: apparently, the database itself was poorly secured.

    The hackers also left a message urging Turks to do something about Erdogan. In the meantime, the intruders also addressed the Americans, saying they really shouldn’t elect Trump. This makes some believe that the hackers are not local. However, this conclusion may be misleading, because the typing errors in the posting suggest that the native language of the writer is not English. In the meantime, Turkish media reports suggested three years ago that the national database was stolen by Russians.

    Security experts explain that Turkey’s national ID number system is designed to provide access to various government services, including taxation, voting, education, and even military recruitment. Moreover, the system is also used to verify citizens’ identities in other cases where necessary – for example, in banking.

    Aside from all of the abovementioned risks of having private details made public, citizens listed in the breached database can also suffer from identity theft, which is possible purely using the personal data contained within the database. In today’s computerized world, full names, addresses and birthdays are often sufficient to launch the process of “social engineering”. In this case, a small amount of personal information is used to gain access to more. Finally, the obtained data can be traded off for ever-greater access to people’s personal accounts.