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Gmail gets visual cues to alert you to suspect emails

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  • Gmail gets visual cues to alert you to suspect emails

    Source: engadget Original Author: Billy Steele Post Date: February 9, 2016 Link in engadget: Gmail gets visual cues to alert you to suspect emails

    Get 2GB of free Drive space for performing a security check, too.

    Google is making an annual event out of Safer Internet Day, offering tools and incentives to help keep its users safe. Today, Mountain View is adding a couple of visual cues to Gmail to alert you to potential email risks. First, you'll notice a broken red lock icon in the corner of the compose window when responding to a source that's not encrypted. Clicking the icon will remind you to double check before passing along sensitive info. Second, if you receive and email from an unauthenticated sender, the profile image will be replaced by a question mark. Of course, not all messages that Gmail flags will be malicious, but it doesn't hurt to be cautious.

    Google offered 2GB of free Drive space last year if you were willing to complete its Security Checkup for your account. This year, it's doing the same. All you have to do is check over your recovery email and phone number, confirm the list of connected devices and glance over the list of apps and sites that have permission to access your account. It takes about two minutes, even less if you're familiar with the process from last year. Once you're all done, you'll receive a confirmation and those 2GB of cloud storage will be added to your account soon after. Heck, it's free, so there's no reason not to do it. And even if you glanced over things last year, you'll receive an additional 2GB of storage for doing so once more.


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