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Phone Account of Director of National Intelligence Was Hacked

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  • Phone Account of Director of National Intelligence Was Hacked

    Source:ExtraTorrentOriginal Author:SaMPost Date:January 15, 2016Link in TorrentFreak:Phone Account of Director of National Intelligence Was Hacked

    The top US spy, James Clapper, has become the latest government official whose personal account was breached by the hackers. We remind you that a few months ago, CIA director John Brennan also admitted he had been “outraged” after a still-anonymous hackers broke into his AOL email account and posted files on the Internet.

    Commenting on the issue, the DNI spokesman said that the agency is aware of the problem and has already notified the appropriate authorities. At the time, a group of self-described teenagers claimed responsibility for hacking into John Brennan’s account. Now Motherboard, a tech site run by Vice Media, published an account of James Clapper breach based on a source claiming to be linked to the earlier Brennan hack.

    In turned out that the intruders allegedly accessed James Clapper’s Verizon account to make calls to the director forwarded to the Free Palestine Movement. Moreover, they also claimed to have accessed Clapper’s wife’s personal email account as well.

    It should be noted that the latest incident is rudimentary by hacker standards: in fact, as the director of national intelligence, James Clapper has authorized much more sophisticated hacking activities for foreign intelligence operations, so he should know what he faces. However, stopping a computer intrusion is apparently much harder than launching it. As you can understand, in this case the hackers would have had to guess Clapper’s password or trick him into revealing it. According to a CNN report, John Brennan said after the first breach that “what it does is to underscore just how vulnerable people are to those who want to cause harm”. He also admitted the agency has to evolve to deal with such modern threats and challenges.

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    The hacker did a good job. Is an international hacker behind this incident or some teenagers did it again?

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