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Research Links Piracy to Internet Addiction and Deviant Friends

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  • Research Links Piracy to Internet Addiction and Deviant Friends

    Source: TorrentFreak Original Author: Ernesto Post Date: May 29, 2014 Link in TorrentFreak: Research Links Piracy to Internet Addiction and Deviant Friends

    New research from Tennessee Tech University shows that certain forms of online piracy are linked to Internet addiction related problems. In addition, the research shows that high school students who pirate are more likely to have deviant or criminal friends.

    Over the past decade a lot of research has looked at the effects of online piracy, particularly on the revenues of various entertainment industries.

    Increasingly researchers are also examining the sociological links, causes and effects of copyright infringement. A new study conducted by Tennessee Tech University’s Jordana Navarro is a good example.

    With a large survey Navarro and her colleagues investigated the link between piracy, internet addiction and deviant tendencies. The results were published in an article titled “Addicted to pillaging in cyberspace: Investigating the role of internet addiction in digital piracy,” which appears in the latest issue of the Computers and Human Behavior journal.

    The researchers conducted a large-scale survey among 1,617 students from 9th through 12th grade. The participants were asked a wide range of questions, covering their piracy habits, as well as scales to measure Internet addiction and association with deviant friends.

    The findings on the piracy side are comparable to many previous studies and show that movie piracy is most prevalent. Nearly 30% of the students admitted to pirating movies, and this percentage went down to 15% and 13% for music and software piracy respectively.

    One of the more interesting findings is the link between piracy and Internet addiction. Here, the researchers found that students who have more internet addiction related issues are more likely to pirate software.

    “Based on the results of the study, we can determine that high school students who have Internet-related problems due to addiction are more likely to commit a specific form of piracy involving the illegal downloading of software,” the researchers write.

    The same group of software pirates were also more likely to hang out with deviant friends. This measure includes friends who pirate, those who threaten others with violence online, those who send nude pictures, and those who have used another person’s credit card or ID without permission.

    “Not surprisingly, youth who committed this form of piracy were also more likely to have deviant peers. In other words, their behaviors were influenced by friends who committed similar or other deviant acts,” the researchers conclude.

    Interestingly, the link between Internet addiction and copyright infringement was only found for software piracy. High school students who pirated movies and music were not more likely to have these type of problems. They were, however, more likely to associate with deviant or criminal friends.

    “The remaining two forms of piracy for juveniles are not predicted by Internet addiction based on our findings. However, the results did support past findings that deviant peer association and piracy behaviors are significant related,” the researchers write.

    According to the researchers the results are a good first step in identifying how various problems and deviant behaviors are linked, which could be helpful to shape future educational efforts.

    Unfortunately, the paper doesn’t offer any explanations for the differences in the link between Internet addiction and various types of piracy. One likely explanation is that those who show more signs of Internet addiction simply spend more time on the computer, and are therefore more interested in software piracy and software in general.

    For now, it appears that some more follow-up research is needed before it’s warranted to send the first batch of kids to piracy rehab.

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    In modern academics, a "link" usually just means "correlation", but is too often taken for a causal link. It seems far more likely that people who spend lots of time online eventually get exposed to more things that could lead to piracy communities, and thus, if you spend more time online, youre naturally more likely to get involved in piracy, internet porn fetish communities, forums, internet memes, and a lot of other things. Or, it could be that piracy contributes to more attachment to the internet.

    But now, some people are probably going to be using papers like this to say that "internet addiction" is "linked to deviant behavior", and some counselor is going to be telling kids a few years from now that "too much internet usage can be gateway behavior".


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      This just seems like one of those non-stories. Does it seem like such massive coincidence that if you can pirate content, you can also work the internet? You can't be one and not the other. And what does "Internet addiction" even mean? 99% of people who are 9th through to 12th grade are going to be addicted to one of those internet sites like MyFace or SpaceBook or whatever it's called, and if not that another internet based service like Facetime or Skype or BBM, do those things count as internet addiction?

      But the entire story/study is crap in my opinion


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        Tennessee Tech University has just published a new research that demonstrates that Internet Explorer is responsible for murders in the US:


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          I call this research rubbish. All the people I know, who are members to more that 5-8 trackers , are sociable, outgoing, extroverts (their kids included)
          Tennessee Tech University should spent its money more wisely in a research like ' why loose bonds between members of an American family lead to teenage isolation, frustration, possible suicide, criminal behaviour , 'deviant' behaviour etc.' If you don't communicate with your kid, if you don't guide it, teach it or be there for it when he/she needs you ..... then ... you discover through such researches that piracy is responsible for all the evil , not you !!


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            well to be honest that browser would drive sweet grannies to murder....

            And the Causation Vs Correlation only applies in academia in any news related outlet it is Causation = Correlation...
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              Hum, I'm not sure I see the link between people being addicted to the internet (like FB junkies) & downloading (at least not for me & the people I know)?


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                gotta be honest i jump on my sites and chatrooms right after i let my dogs out and if theres a lot going on in chat or a chance for some real ratio whoring i might be on until i fall asleep

                kind of like someone made an mmo out of getting free cable