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Europe Warned Nokia about Trolling

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  • Europe Warned Nokia about Trolling

    Source: ExtraTorrent Original Author: SaM Post Date: December 11, 2013 Link in ExtraTorrent: Europe Warned Nokia about Trolling

    The European Union warned Nokia that if it tries to use its patents illegally in the future, it would end badly for the company. Of course, there are fears that after Microsoft acquired Nokia it could be used to patent troll others.

    So, it wasn’t a great surprise for many when the vice president of the European Commission’s Competition Unit made a warning to Nokia that there could be great trouble if the company turned into a “patent troll”. The EC announced that in case Nokia were ever to take illegal advantage of its patents, an antitrust case would be opened immediately. The Commission had dismissed the possibility that the company would be tempted to behave as a patent troll while clearing the way for the tech giant to acquire Nokia’s devices division.

    At the moment, the European Commission is pressuring Google to stop punishing businesses which don’t pay to use its specialized search services like Shopping in its organic search results. The Commission claims that Google creates a link between getting the right to use content from other websites on its specialized search services and the appearance that those websites have on Google’s general search results. This practice allows Google to benefit from investments made by other companies. The EC has asked the tech giant to sever this link to restore competitive incentives. Let’s see what it will do to Nokia.

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    Storm. Teacup. Must be a really slow news day...

    EU says to Nokia: If you do something illegal, we will take action. Isn't that the case for any/all companies?