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Microsoft Will Force XP Users Install Protection

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  • Microsoft Will Force XP Users Install Protection

    Source: ExtraTorrent Original Author: SaM Post Date: November 8, 2013 Link in ExtraTorrent: Microsoft Will Force XP Users Install Protection

    The software giant is going to automatically switch on Windows Defender for those people who don’t run any system protection on their old XP computers. Microsoft’s official website said that their goal has been focused on getting as many of its users off of the older Windows XP OS onto something more modern and protected – preferably, Windows 8.1.

    At the same time, the company decided to discontinue support for Windows XP next April, which means that if users continue to run the operating system any holes will remain, unpatched, forever.

    The idea is that as the users go into an unprotected state, the company requires antivirus vendors to be installed as the initial upgrade source. In case the license has expired, the first thing the operating system asks them to do is to upgrade. If the users have no anti-virus software, then the company will automatically install its Defender product. Microsoft said it wouldn’t nag, while telling people that they aren’t protected, and move them back into a protected mode without users really knowing.

    At the moment, Windows XP makes up 22% of the worldwide user base, while in developing countries the figure may be close to 1/3 of computers. This means that there could be plenty of machines suddenly protected by Windows Defender very soon.

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    Even if Microsoft is cutting off all support for XP, those that still use it in the corporate world are probably going to stick with it. Many run software that was designed for XP and may not work on newer versions of Windows. It's kind of sad when you are at the doctor's office and you see them using XP... I'm just glad that Vista is no longer a thing.

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      Damnit Microsoft! Let me get my viruses if I want to! But seriously, as much as I like XP, it's time to upgrade.


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        So does this mean they'll even install Windows Defender on pirate copies of XP? ;)

        Win XP? Your PLAGUE risk is SIX times that of Win 8 - NOW


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          I still prefer XP over 7. I am not even talking about garbage like Vista or 8.
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            I do prefer windows 7 to any however I don't think they should make people install protection. I have 3 running operating systems on one PC.

            Windows XP, and 2 copies of windows 7. Only one of the 3 I have any protection as I am always reinstalling windows.

            The protection available messes with the programs I use for business so I don't install it at all.

            People like me who cannot use protection shouldn't be made to install it.

            As Poopderp said above some of my programs only work on XP hence why I have to triple boot.

            Just my input :)