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3,000,000 Adobe Accounts Cracked

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  • 3,000,000 Adobe Accounts Cracked

    Source: ExtraTorrent Original Author: SaM Post Date: October 23, 2013 Link in ExtraTorrent: 3,000,000 Adobe Accounts Cracked

    The company had to admit that more than 3 million of its customer accounts were recently hacked. As a result, the intruders stole customer names, encrypted credit and debit card numbers and expiration dates. Adobe claimed that it was the target of a major security hack.

    The senior director of security for Adobe products and services revealed that customer data and unauthorized access to source codes for many Adobe products were stolen in the hack. For instance, source code for Acrobat, ColdFusion, and the ColdFusion Builder was lifted, but the company claimed there was no risk to customers. What does pose risk to customers is that the intruders have nicked 3 million of Adobe customer IDs and encrypted passwords, while experts don’t think the hackers removed decrypted credit or debit card numbers from the systems.

    At the moment, the company is resetting the passwords on breached customer IDs, so users will get emails telling them they can be affected. Adobe promised to tell people whose credit or debit card data was compromised and offer them an option of enrolling in a 1-year complimentary credit monitoring membership.

    The industry observers complained that the tech giants are either not taking cyber security seriously or are still unsure about how to address the problem. Companies need to make sure all of their assets are protected. That includes people, places and data. The experts point out that security threats present themselves in various forms, increasing in number every day. For instance, an employee could pose an internal threat via malicious intent or unintentional ignorance.

    Security experts believe that in such situations corporate behavior should be regulated. Once the full extent of the online threat is uncovered, greater collaboration on cyber issues have to lead to an improvement in cyber awareness and standards.

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    Never Bought A Single Program From Them. :3


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      This is why you should pirate photoshop ;)


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        Adobe and Java, exploit gods

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          I can't recall anyone that actually bought Photoshop and everything else that Adobe provides seems to be free and thus, no account required. In that respect, 3 million accounts seems huge.


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            business buys a lot of adobe product so they can be legit, they have a good business running even with everyone downloading cracked copy of photoshop

            I bet they cracked my password already, it was "qwe123" lol I usually put a simple password for a site I know I won't go back, never bought anything but just in case I just reset it to something almost uncrackable :)