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China Suspects US of Spying, Too

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  • China Suspects US of Spying, Too

    Source: ExtraTorrent Original Author: SaM Post Date: August 27, 2013 Link in ExtraTorrent: China Suspects US of Spying, Too

    We can see how xenophobic American senators are aching to ban Chinese tech giants like Huawei and ZTE because of the thoughts that their equipment could be used to spy on the United States. Now, China is auditing goods from the US for the same reasons.

    US legislators for some reason think that since Huawei’s Chief Executive Officer was working for the Chinese military two decades ago, spying is a sure thing. In the meantime, it is clear that it is not about spying, but about trying to protect US tech companies from Chinese competitors, which are normally more affordable, particularly in crucial emerging markets. Media reports revealed that China’s Ministry of Public Security is going to carry out investigation against top American companies over “security issues”. The list of companies under investigation includes IBM, Oracle and EMC. Although there are no Microsoft or Apple in the list, it looks like China is using revelations by former NSA contractor Snowden as the pretext. His leaks revealed that IBM, Oracle and EMC took part in a NSA hack into critical network infrastructure at universities in China and in Hong Kong.

    The representative of the China’s Ministry of Public Security admitted in the interview that many of the country’s largest IT systems are dominated by foreign hardware and software companies, but the Prism scandal implies security problems. In case any trade war does erupt, both sides will feel the hurt, because most manufacturing of the United States, like of any other country, is carried out in China, while the latter currently needs to purchase lots of western technology, although there are attempts to curb this.

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    In this case, Chinese fears are well founded. The United States has quietly morphed itself from the leader of the free world into the greatest spy nation in history. No more championing freedom and democracy, now it's all about underhanded intelligence gathering.
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      US: 'You started it!'
      CHINA: 'No, you started it!'

      Ad astra etc.


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        How ironic, US want to know what everyone is googleing but China are not allowed this privilege.


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          The subtext behind all these accusations of spying and national security is the age old grab for the money. No surprise.


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            Yes America your hypocrisy knows no bounds! The only freedom they know now is the freedom to do whatever they want, to whomever they want regardless of the law! And then cry foul whenever anyone else does the same!


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              There won't be a trade war. We need each other economically and both countries know it. If a trade war occurs, many American companies who outsource manufacturing in China will lose millions and China needs US tech among other things.

              Plus I don't understand the animosity against the US for spying. We've been spying and others have spied on us since the Cold War. This isn't new.


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                Hasn't this been happening for years?


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                  Originally posted by disturbedNZ View Post
                  Hasn't this been happening for years?
                  Yep so true!