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    Originally posted by HRose View Post
    Wow wasn't a member but can totally appreciated the efforts towards game preservation. Can EA or its proxy truly state that its still making money on FIFA'98!? Or even be offering it anew for users to purchase? Hopefully UG retrenches and gets back to the effort soon!
    I told my cousin something which seems similar [To an ESL-student], if Sony and other copyright holders had provided a GOOD port/emulator on the PlayStation store, I would have spent more money on digital downloads(legally) than on buying new/unopened games.

    If you buy Resident Evil Code: Veronica X on eBay, Sony and Capcom don't get squat but if you download the awfully-pixelated edition on PSN, you support their... subpar support of an old game.

    I seem to be going offtopic but let me try and go back ontopic: The original Nintendo DS was a very consumer-friendly platform, it had no region-locks and was backwards compatiable among other things.

    I am not sure if Nintendo released "Nintendo Classics #234" and such on the original NDS' cartridges but they should have cashed in on kids trying to discover the games of ages past.

    Now we're locked into Wiiware and 3DS-store's DRM and region locks.

    Respect the consumer and you'll earn a lot...

    *PS* Sorry about the typing errors and grammatical mistakes.
    Was away from torrenting, this website and private trackers since 2014 (Maybe longer). Apologies if my inactivity has harmed you, but, I had family matters to attend to


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      No loss in profit, but I guess its in violation of copyright and IP rights. I don't see how anyone could prove any fiscal loss in court when the last recorded unit sold by the company is over a decade ago.


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        It goes without saying but I am really missing this tracker. I hope they come back in the future so that we can continue preserving all these old games.


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          I heard that they are back as

          Can anyone confirm if this news is true?


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            Originally posted by Jordan16 View Post
            I heard that they are back as
            That site is down for some reason since a few weeks. Anyone here that knows something about that?