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Injustice Continues as Megaupload User Data Negotiations Go Bust

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  • Injustice Continues as Megaupload User Data Negotiations Go Bust


    Months after the Megaupload raids and arrests the fate of the site’s user data is still unclear. The final negotiation round between the involved parties just went bust with Megaupload’s defense team holding the US Attorneys Office responsible. “They favor the Hollywood Oligopoly over innocent consumers who lost access to their data,” Megaupload lawyer Ira Rothken told TorrentFreak.

    Almost nine months have passed since Megaupload’s servers were raided by the U.S. Government yet after all this time there is no agreement on how former users can retrieve their files.

    Meanwhile, Megaupload’s 1103 servers are gathering dust at Carpathia Hosting in the United States.

    Behind the scenes representatives for Megaupload have been negotiating with the Department of Justice and other parties to allow the site’s former users to temporarily gain access to their files, but thus far without result.

    After initial negotiations failed earlier this year, one of Megaupload’s users lost patience and decided to take action.

    Helped by the EFF, sports reporter Kyle Goodwin filed a motion demanding that the court find a workable solution for the return of his data, and that of other former Megaupload users.

    However, Judge Liam O’Grady didn’t want to take a decision on the issue, and during a July hearing he ordered the various parties to start negotiating again.

    Fast forward another two months and these negotiations have failed once more.

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    oh dear...


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      Well the guys is right, that's no reason the seize peoples personal data. They should have allowed people some time to at least get all their files back, damn idiots.


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        This is ridiculously frustrating! You would think that they would have a little more decorum for something they are so avidly against, yet they seem to be floundering every time they have to deal with an actual anti piracy case.


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          I got a feeling there's some conspiracy going on. I believe they are going to use the data to file suit against everyone who used megaupload to upload content.


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            This is going to go on for a while (lawyers need to make a living too).


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              Im suprised people are complaining... why would you store your only copy on MU? Thats just silly... Also isn't their a clause in the MU t.o.s that says we are not responsible for lost files?


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                seriously lols you guys are not getting your files back never da's


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                  that horrible, hope everything is resolved soon!


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                    There is no word to describe the stupidity of it all ....