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  • PWN Urgently Needs Help

    As you all know, keeping a site like PWN running requires not only time and expertise, but also money. We have been managing to hit our donation targets pretty consistently, but this month we are not on target to meet our costs.

    We hate asking for donations just as much as you hate being asked for them, but the simple fact is that if we do not get an additional 50 Euros by the end of today, we will lose the main website server.

    With this in mind, anybody who makes a donation today will receive 500 points per Euro that you can redeem in the Marketplace as well as the normal donation benefits..
    We apologise for having to ask for donations like this, but we really need your help to keep PWN alive today.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

    Edit: We've received the donations we needed almost as fast we put the message up, so a big thanks to our donors. As a thank you to everyone for your continued support, the Bonus Point offer will stay in effect until the end of the month. A more permanent, Bonus Point featuring, donation system will exist soon. Again, thanks.

    PWN Staff