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  • TV - New IRC server switch over...

    Hey guys,

    We would like to let you all know we have set up a new iRCD server which we think will help fix up the lag issues with logging in to the torrentvault bot
    what we have done is removed the invite aspect of the system, due to the numbers of rooms thats been set up every time someone logs in it would invite you into so many rooms 1 at a time at a 1 second delay.. meaning if say someone logs in and gets invited to 15 rooms the bot would be unresponsive forr 15 seconds..

    What we have done is.. set up room permissions instead of invite only..
    when you log into torrentvault bot all you have to do is join the rooms that you are allowed in,

    ie.. #TV and #Help

    to log into torrentvault bot we have changed the command line too which is

    /msg torrentvault login [username] [irckey]

    We have rewritten an auto login script for mirc users you can find this at..


    For those of you that see the \\\"Disconnect and reconnect\\\" topic in IRC all you have to do is reconnect to the irc server and you\\\'ll be put on the new server staight away..

    Sorry for any inconvenience, The old server will be turned off some time tonight or overnight.. so if you havent already... jump on the new ircserver.