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BTN News - Invites and Interviews Closed

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  • BTN News - Invites and Interviews Closed

    20,000 Users \o/

    Invites are now closed until further notice.
    This means even if you have Invites, you will be unable to use them.
    Exceptions: Official BTN Recruitment threads and Elite class or higher.

    Now that invites and interviews are closed again the staff wanted to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has helped our site grow. BTN recently passed a huge milestone when our user count surpassed 20,000 and to make it extra special this was accomplished without open-registrations!

    We could never have achieved this without everyone pitching in and inviting trusted friends, workmates and family. We are proud to have such a strong userbase that is actively contributing to the growth and success of BTN through uploading & seeding, participation in site and irc discussions & competitions, donating to keep the site flourishing and being part of our great community.

    An extra special thank you to the FLS team members and Staff who have been putting in long hours undertaking hundreds of interviews over the past month to ensure our newest members will love BTN as we do.

    Source: BTN

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    LOL @ Veritas's edit. :P

    OnTopic: Hopefully T-I's official recruitment hasn't been shut down, so users can get in. :)