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Wunza v3 And SceneVids v2 Launched

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  • Wunza v3 And SceneVids v2 Launched

    Part of reporting about private torrent trackers include keeping watch on new developments and notable new features added to sites we already covered. Through this post, we bring you news from two BitTorrent trackers featured a couple of weeks back – Wunza and SceneVids. Wunza, a Gazelle based ratio free movie torrent tracker, has launched its next major tracker overhaul dubbed Wunza v3. This update includes some great visual features, making Wunza one of the best looking specialized movie trackers around. Meanwhile SceneVids, the new music video torrent tracker, didn’t waste too much time to roll out a newer version of their site either. SceneVids v2 is based on a new source and brings stability fix, a better look and better navigation to this promising looking torrent site. Detailed information about each update may be found below:


    Wunza launched v2.1 of their site earlier this year. This was a major update which included both visual changes and brought in a lot of site changes including the switch to a ratio free based model. v3 on the other hand is mainly focused on changes to visual elements. It might not sound like a huge deal but the site really does look great in the new layout. The IMDB style movie view introduced in v2.1 has been further enhanced and pretty much everything else including top and bottom toolbars, forums, etc have been given a polished new look. The site also feels a lot faster to navigate. Either way this will not be the last update to Wunza - we hear that the site’s coders have already started work on v4, which will be built on a completely new source (not Gazelle, TBDEV, etc).

    Registrations for Wunza are currently closed. It was mentioned in the v3 rollout that the site would never have public open signups again. However, interested members can still get in through the IRC interview channel:
    Site Name: Wunza (
    Invites Channel Direct Link:


    Some of you might remember SceneVids, a new music video torrent tracker we featured a couple of weeks ago. Although the site is less than a month old, staff wasted no time in releasing the next major tracker update, SCV v2. v2 is built on a completely new source and brings a lot of changes to the table. In addition, the site has managed to almost triple its registered user base to 3000 since our last mention of it two weeks ago. The number of active torrents has also increased t0 600 – that’s 250 new music videos added in two weeks (which is pretty good for a niche tracker).

    Although a private community, SceneVids is currently open for signup. Check this site out if you are into music videos – a full review of the tracker may be found here.
    Site Name: SceneVids (Scenevids-Login)
    Signup URL: V2.1 :: Signup

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    Source: FILEnetworks Blog: Tracker Updates – Wunza v3 And SceneVids v2 Launched

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    Join Wunza! It is pretty cool.

    I joined Scenevids too but got a lot of errors and wasn't able to download torrents. When I did a search and nothing available it didn't tell me so, it just showed the same page again....