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Vortex Network - Mac Tracker Nearing Its End?

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  • Vortex Network - Mac Tracker Nearing Its End?

    Itís all the rage these days for private trackers to softly threaten their members into donating in order to keep the site afloat. This strategy isnít entirely new, but the rising trend suggests that the onus is being shifted towards a majority of members who arenít willfully donating. VortexNetwork, or "eye of the storm" is the latest tracker with one foot in the grave due to a lack of funds, and is scheduled to shut down as early as tomorrow if donation targets arenít met by the end of January.

    More than ever before, members are being held responsible for sustaining trackers that canít properly monetize themselves without a steady flow of donations or other fund-raising ideas. All sorts of trackers are doing this - past & present - just read the news; both SqN & ScL have been on the brink of extinction recently. In the case of ScL - hereís a tracker that almost predictably goes offline towards the end of each fiscal month. Even good "niche" trackers such as Comic-Releech & Animatoonic simply couldnít go on bleeding red forever.
    Here you can read the rest of the notice.

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    I think there are two things that are causing this. The first is the globel econmany and the other is the over infaltion of private trackers. To put it short there are too many private trackers and people who would be members of 2 or 3 sites and donate to one are members of 10 to 12 sites now which means only and still only donate to one of them.