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How does XRP make money?

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  • How does XRP make money?

    So please let me know about it here:
    Ripple doesn't own the XRP token, right? If so, how does it happen? Can't anyone use it? Or has Ripple created an XRP token

    How does Ripple make money? By signing contracts with banks and forcing them to use current ones?

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    Not sure that this scheme would work today with the same efficiency. I think that we should move on for reals.
    They make money, but the market does not seem stable now. I would prefer to change activities. I mean, I am switching to real estate from cryptos because this market is too volatile, and you never know what will happen. Due to the economic crisis, I have much less belief in cryptos than before and want to have something “real” instead. My gut feeling tells me that soon people will look for something that they can touch more than some distant numbers that do not give them a place to live and some food to eat.
    After examining this article, I decided that now it is better to go for real estate.


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