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I miss the old OnChain gambling

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  • I miss the old OnChain gambling

    Onchain gambling is gone, it was one of the first ways to gamble our bitcoins... The casinos used to be totally anonymous, to the point where you don't have to create an account on the casino to place a bet. And that was what I call freedom.

    When I join to this crypto world in 2014, there use to be 2 casinos with this feature, their name was Lucky bit and Satoshi Bones. And their games have a unique address where you can send your coins and get back to the bet result to the address where the bet comes from. That was how they didn't ask for an account to place a bet.

    Those engines were provably fair, and the max wins were up to 100BTC in lucky bit (in that time BTC was at $500 approx) but still huge.

    The new casinos are crazy with their KYC rules and customer support. They hold users' money as if they were the owners of the money, and you can find all the same slots games bringing a lack of original and probably fair games.

    Maybe regulation brings us to the current situation, but in the past was funnier, fair, and legit. And that's why I miss the old onchain gambling.

    Do you remember those old casinos, and what are your thoughts about the current gaming sites compared with the old ones?

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    Thank you very much for this information, I was looking for something similar, these words are what I needed!


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      Before, the game account was anonymous because people and the state did not yet know about the existence of cryptocurrency. It was not as popular as it is now. Now many casinos must provide their data by law, do you understand? All because the cryptocurrency has gained popularity so much that even the government began to be interested in this thing, and I am sure that many who work in the white house keep money in bitcoin. By the way, I'm now thinking about which casino to start playing at. I read an article on this site, about the best casinos. Still, I couldn't find a decent casino that accepts cryptocurrency.


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        Do you know what I really like? I love to gamble. I choose the site carefully for these games. This is almost always an adapted game portal. For example, this one - I can go there using both a tablet and a computer. It is very comfortable. Do you play games on your gadget?


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          Now I have chosen Ice Casino for gambling. It is quite reliable and has a large selection of games. The most important thing for me is that it gives great bonuses. Here Everyone can read a review of the site. I think you will like it.


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            Cool! Thanks for the advice guys! Is there anything else similar?


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              Guys, I know that nowadays many people earn a lot of money in online casinos, and if you are interested in this question, then of course you can always try to do it too, it's not so difficult. By the way, you can also check this resource as it is a very useful resource for you if you want to make money.


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                I was interested to hear your point of view as I am in the process of developing my own gambling site. True, at this stage I encountered some difficulties, it turns out that it is not so easy to attract customers who would be interested in gambling, because now there are many different online casinos on the network. Therefore, I decided to contact the professional marketing agency Media Squad, as they are engaged in the promotion of gaming platforms. Most importantly, they only work with reputable review sites and all marketing materials are legally compliant.


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                  Business development is essentially finding ways to attract new customers or get existing customers to do more business with your company. In many cases, the goal may be to create new business where none already exists. An example would be services
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