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    How do you plan to send out photos after the wedding?
    Do you send a link to your photographer's gallery, create a public album, post posts on social networks, or email them to each guest individually?

    Do you plan to give your guests access to all of your public photos or only those that have them?

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    The best thing you can do is create a dropbox with all your photos.


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      The best thing you can do is create a dropbox or a folder on google drive with all your photos. But, if you, for example, don't want to share all the photos, you may opt for something more creative and shorter. For example, write a beautiful post on Instagram or Facebook so all the relatives would see it automatically. You won't have to send it to everyone. Another modern decision would be to post a video on TikTok. It is a new and rapidly developing platform. It's not difficult now to obtain a few more followers there. This might be useful if you own a business or want to develop your own brand. Also, kids are going to appreciate:) Videos there look cool to my mind and are not difficult to make. It's always fun to explore something new.
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        Use Instagram!!!!
        Use the correct hashtags to target the right audience: I cannot emphasize more on this, because the wrong hash tags means the wrong audience. This could literally cause issues.
        - Use the most trending hashtags (there are free websites which show you the latest trends)
        - Use the Instagram promotion tool to promote certain topics you want to emphasize.


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          It is the primary real estate on your profile on Instagram. Make it a point to change it at least every 2 weeks and also use that clickable link in the biography for driving website traffic to your most prominent or most current material.


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