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Frequent urination

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  • Frequent urination

    Recently I started to urinate frequently again, the last time, in my opinion, it was because of low e2 levels.
    I take 30 mg of zinc, 5000 iu of vitamin D, fish oil, 400 mg of magnesium.
    Recently I started taking 30 mg of pregnenolone, 6 mg of boron.
    This is becoming an increasingly serious problem. Can boron or pregnenolone worsen this?

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    Did you consult your doctor before taking the pills? A large amount of boron could only make things worse.


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      Hi all! Has anyone had trouble urinating because of cystitis? What medications have you used to treat this condition?


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        I went to a doctor with a similar question, and he told me that the best prevention of urination is pelvic muscle strengthening exercises. A couple of exercises a day can improve your condition and control urination. In response to the comment about cystitis, I can say that I have dealt with this condition. It's not the most severe disease I've had, but it's pretty unpleasant. It took a long time to treat it, but after taking a course of medication for cystitus, my condition improved significantly. It is best to consult a doctor on this issue. I wish everyone good luck!