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Airbrushing with Latex Paint

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  • Airbrushing with Latex Paint

    I have a Pasche Type H (I think) air brush and have used solvent based hobby paints in it successfully. But now I need to do something different. Has anyone tried to airbrush paint with household latex paint, like the brands available at the big box stores? If so, please share your tip and tricks that make it work.

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    Okay, my man!


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      I used latex paint only for home purposes. When I chose a latex sprayer for myself, I referred to this article:, which described the best latex sprayers to date. I haven't used latex paint for other jobs, so you should turn to other people. Anyway, I'm not a particularly experienced guy in the painting, and I understand more about building a house. Usually, if I needed to paint something, I already asked for help. I hope my reply will help you, and good luck with painting. Just be careful when choosing paints. There are a lot of low-quality latex paints on the market right now.