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Education to Business (E2B) Graduate Survey

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  • Education to Business (E2B) Graduate Survey

    Hello Fellow Surveyors and Surveyees,

    I am a current graduate student from an MBA school in California. My team and I are conducting market research in a niche industry. The purpose of this survey is to gain new insights from those who participate in it.

    Information is strictly confidential and will be deleted after it is over.

    The survey will expire in 2-3 weeks and automatically deletes input if they surveyee becomes inactive or does not hit submit.

    Participants will be entered (if they chose to) in a raffle to win a gift card. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me here or PM for email.

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    Well, listen to me!


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      How glad I am that there are such conferences where such issues are discussed! It seems to me that these topics are the most relevant today. I would also discuss the topic of mass education in our time. It seems to me that teaching needs to be changed completely. When I studied at the university as a programmer, we were mainly taught theory, which was not enough to gain knowledge quickly. Therefore I had to work extra myself to succeed in this profession. That is, the university was useless for me. And now I decided for myself to go to business management courses on this site -- I like learning because everything is based on practice, through real situations that develop a person much faster than learning theory.


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