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  • Calamondin Fruit Tree Pest..

    Hi. I just joined this group in hopes of finding out what a particular pest is that I found on our calamondin fruit tree and how to get rid of it (them). It is eating the upper leaves on the tree. It is, at least to me, a freaky creature. Pictures are attached. Any ideas?

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    Can't help ya.


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      This summer, I had hundreds of these terrible pests on every fruit tree. I realized that I could not cope independently, and I turned to the pest control service. They used a lot of chemicals to remove these pests from my garden, and therefore half of my garden suffered from chemicals. But I had to do it. Otherwise, these Calamondins would have eaten everything. So if you have a lot of these pests on your trees, contact pest control services as soon as possible. The main thing is not to delay. Otherwise, they will eat all the leaves of your fruit trees!