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Mitsubishi electric city multi query

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  • Mitsubishi electric city multi query

    Hi all wondering if u can help ...

    What dipswitch do you use on a mitsubishi city multi to see how many units are connected . I used to know from top of head but forgot.*

    So you power the condenser up , flick a couple dipswitches and it'll say
    then let you know how many is connected to it. I've tried looking through numerous documents and manuals as well as online but can't find it anywhere . Don't wanna ring up mitsi for something that I want to know just for the hell of it.

    Anyway hopefully someone can help .

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    Can't help ya.


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      Hello, friend! It all depends on the model, and in general, if you don't understand this thing, it's better to buy yourself an air conditioner. Although, I also had problems with this thing, and I had to turn to specialists because my air conditioner was buzzing a lot and blowing warm air. And when I called my friend at the air conditioning repair service, he offered me a free ac estimate, can you imagine? In general, another time, I would advise you to Google, as opposed to writing on forums, because I once listened to the advice of one user and broke all the equipment at home.