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  • illegal immigration

    I bring this subject up not only because it has been an issue in the United States for many years but because I have heard it is an issue in many different countries. I have a few questions for people.

    What country are you from?
    Are you in favor for Illegal Immigration?
    Do you think Immigration helps the country?
    Should Immigrants be allowed to become legal?
    Should people be forced to learn the language of the country they are immigrating to?

    I will begin with my answers and I will warn you this may become a heated discussion or it can be a civilized discussion between people since T-I does have a very diverse culture. I myself am a product of Illegal Immigrants but that doesn't mean I am for immigration. Here are my answers...............

    I am not in favor of illegal immigration since it has been such a huge issue in the United States and alot of the times immigration has hurt our economy as opposed to helping it. People who are true citizens that need help from the government are sometime rejected and yet so many immigrants that do not have the legal right to be here get help, I dont think this is right.

    I don't think illegal immigration helps this country because it makes the populations grow and grow and those who are working illegally are not paying out in taxes what people who are here legally are.

    I am not opposed to immigrants becoming legal just as long as they go through the proper channels and wait the appropriate amount of time for their paperwork to get processed and pay the fines that are asked of them, also it wouldnt hurt for people to actually take the time to learn the language of the country they are trying to become a citizen of.

    That should probably answer my question to the last one yes people should learn the language. I have an example for you guys I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California this is one of the biggest melting pots I have ever seen. So many cultures mixed, so many different kinds of people but it is sad sometimes when you go to a place like Mcdonalds and you try to order through the drive-thru and the person cannot understand you.

    As I said before don't get me wrong I am a product of Immigrants both my parents were illegal immigrants but I was fortunate enough to be born in the United States which automatically granted me my citizenship. But I did have to learn the language as unfortunately I was raised in a Spanish speaking home. My brothers and sister were all illegal immigrants, they all learned the language and went through the channels to become citizens and they now are citizens. So now I ask for your opinions...........

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