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    I'm pleased to report there have been no dog food recalls issued since September 26, 2019.

    Euthanasia Drug Discovered in Adulterated Animal Fat

    The FDA recently discovered an animal euthanasia drug (pentobarbital) in test samples collected at a major supplier of animal fat to the pet food industry.

    We're unable to locate any information about which pet food brands may have purchased the affected ingredient.

    For this reason, we recommend all dog and cat owners remain alert to the potential for future recalls related to this news.

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    Dogs should eat only organic food.


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      Thanks for sharing! Very important info.


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        It's very concerning where all of this is going. I don't recall there being so many diseases and risks out there, as there are today. It seems like everywhere you turn, there is something wrong with a product you grew up buying or liking. With all this technology, all these flavor enhancements, additives, and colorants, you don't even know who to trust anymore. It's scary because we are feeding our pets, our babies, parts of our families, and we don't even know anymore what might be in their foods! I have recently got a pet conure, and it's a bit easier because I just needed to do some research to see what fruits and vegetables can conures eat, and I prefer buying them fresh from a farm so that I know they don't have any artificial enhancements, OMGs or the like.