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    I know that some creators don't like adding a caption because they don't want it to overlap with their video, and personally I don't like adding text to videos very often, but one of them is necessary for a possible search function. I was wondering if we can add text in invisible ink so that it appears in the search results, but does not cover the video

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    A much simpler solution is to be able to hide signatures in the comments section, which would be pretty cool


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      Adding these captions to your video can be very helpful. In addition to improving searches, they also protect against theft on the Internet, which is a significant problem. But as far as I know, you can't make the caption in invisible ink. Maybe I'm wrong. If you want to improve video search, try to use other mechanisms that will have the same positive effect on video distribution among users. On, there is much helpful information on how to use SEO to your advantage correctly, and I advise you to read it. In today's stream of content, you can't do without it.