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    It's been a long time since we made one of them. The CFB is over, but the books never end! Are you guys enjoying any action today? Last night I put on my blazers for ML at +625, and the weekend started well.

    I am sure that Real Madrid will win the match of the 90th round against Atletico today at 10 am. It's a derby, so you never know for sure. But over the past few weeks, the forms of these two teams could not have been more different. Real Madrid clicked and Atletico looked like shit. The line is only -118, and this is at the Bernabeu. I really like it!

    I'm also thinking of Liverpool -1.5, ML +123 and City-1. But I haven't pulled the trigger yet. I also have a few dollars for express bets on Pool / United / City / Juve / Porto / Real Madrid ml. All in order to win at 90, which brings a little more than 10 times.

    I'll post some dizzying thoughts later.

    Also, what Super Bowl bets have you noticed? I haven't even looked yet. I think I will pass the game itself, because I see that everything is going differently. Instead, I'll probably make a few bets. I'll post this if anything catches my eye.

    Where are my teammates? What are you doing today?

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    Yes, I have 49ERS on 3. I put $ 400 on them. It's incredible how the game becomes much more interesting when there is money for it. Tomorrow is a great game. Let's enjoy it because it's going to be a long off-season


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      I have invested another small amount of money ... Xavier + 11 / Nova / Sparti / Butler / FSU / Duke, the rest is on ml. He pays a little less than 8 times. I thought, why not waste my profit from Blazers on a bunch of bets on strings. I can't laugh


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