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Help with fencing costs?

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  • Help with fencing costs?

    We recently bought 20 acres and are also managing 30 next door in Tas. One boundary is Crown Land along a hwy. Before we order some new fencing materials just thought I should check whether people know of any possibilities for us to split the cost of this - state growth or anything doesn't put in anything for that do they? And also there must be some kind of grants for fencing off bushland?

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    Does the state help with this?


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      Perhaps you should contact those who did the documents for your property.


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        What do you mean when you talk about sharing the price for this? Will the state really be able to pay you for removing shrubs? If you still need help in choosing a fence or gate, then I can only help with the choice of gates. Recently, my family and I moved to a new house and we needed to install a new automatic gate so that the car could quickly enter the garage. We were lucky, because it was installed very quickly and the gate was perfectly suited to a good fence that stood here before our arrival. If you still need it, then I think that you can find an option that is suitable for you.