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    Hey, guys. I just bought a new house last month and am in the process of selling my current home. I did really well with the sale of my house and will receive a certain amount of money and be interested in some opinions.
    Conventional wisdom would make me immediately invest this money in a new house that I already bought last month. This is usually recommended because it is assumed that eventually, you will transfer enough funds from one house to another for your house to pay off.
    But the interest rate on my new home is 3.125%... and I don't see the point in spending a large amount of money on paying a ridiculously low interest rate.
    I have already sold all my shares to pay the initial payment for a new house, so I want to replenish them, as well as invest part in my daughter's 529th apartment. But what are some other ways to save/invest?
    I plan to put some of this on the stock market, which I usually do very well. Are there things like high-yield CDs or any other investment mechanisms other than the stock market that would keep money relatively liquid?
    I was just thinking... given the potential for higher-than-normal inflation and a potential housing bubble.

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    Do not rush to invest all the money at once, think well.


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      This is correct, never invest the entire amount at once.


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        Investing in stocks is something that I discovered about two years ago. I used to be very skeptical about this. Still, when you find the right tools and get valuable experience, it becomes a great way to earn money. If you want to try out promotions for yourself, then I advise you to study this area well. Try using investment advice websites if no one from your environment can help you. I started my journey this way, and it ended pretty well. You need to gain experience somewhere. At least you will understand some patterns that you have not noticed before. This will obviously help you in the future.