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Anyone mixed weed with allergy medication?

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  • Anyone mixed weed with allergy medication?

    Hey guys I figured I would ask because who better to ask then other vegetable consumers. I have allergies bad enough as it is, and I often wind up getting addicted to afrin only taken it 2 days. Weed dries me out even more smoking or vaping it don’t matter along with getting me congested. It’s tolerable some nights, but still frustrating. I picked up some drug free nasal spray by arm and hammer think it’s just water and salt saline or something like that. My neti pot does a decent job to but doesn’t last but 15-20 minutes. The pharmacist recommended that with Zyrtec and it says it can be sedating or what ever and some drugs and weed can have an impact on the way you feel.

    Does anyone take have a similar problem with congestion etc and weed makes it worse? Is so do you take allergy pills or any other way that can help you breathe easier. I don’t want to sound like a baby or anything but I’m still fairly new to medical marijuana, and it does get me anxious, and I already had 1 bad experience with mixing weed with a medication. Elequist for blood clots made things a nightmare. Weed would make me feel like I’m blacking out barely breathing and in a dream. Stopped that medication and all the craziness after using weed went away. The doctor trying to say that my blood is to thick and I need to be on it, or at least baby aspirin. my hemoglobin levels are to high. After that bad experience I really don’t want anymore.

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    I would not interfere with weed with anything.


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      It is not necessary to completely abandon medical marijuana after just one bad experience. I also had an unpleasant experience at the beginning. Then I was very inexperienced in this matter and now I can say that all this is due to the fact that the grass was very low-quality. Not my kind, so to speak. After some time, I found the best online weed dispensary on the advice of my friends, where a very high-quality product is sold. I often suffer from severe migraines and only marijuana helps me cope with this. Now I don't experience any problems after I smoke. Carefully discuss the purchase of marijuana with experienced people, as they understand this better than you and can help you choose what you need.