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LED Garlands with 18560 Panels and 2 2.5 W 5V Solar Panels

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  • LED Garlands with 18560 Panels and 2 2.5 W 5V Solar Panels

    I would like to have a solar powered light string using a panel like at dawn.
    I have two 5v 2.5 w solar panels installed in parallel.
    One battery is 18650, 2500 mAh.
    I have a garland of 12 LEDs of 1 watt per bulb.
    I want to use the TP4056 module with protection for charging.
    I'm thinking of something similar to the attached Capture. PNG.

    I did something simpler, but I'm not a fan of transistors. I don't think the 9013 on the circuit will work with 12x1w lamps.

    Any design recommendations, will 9013 or another one work?

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    why don't you make this solar powered light string through a transistor? I think it's better this way


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      I don't quite understand why you need to do this from different improvised materials if you can order a ready-made LED strip that will perform the functions you need. I recently did repairs in my garage and was looking for good services to order such lighting. Fortunately, I found a website through a familiar neighbor, from which I ordered a few different LED strips for myself. Their quality is at a height, which I was pleased about and was just glad that I didn't break my head over how to create lighting from what I had left in the garage, as you do. You will make your life much easier if you buy this lighting


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        Have you considered other ways of supplying power? For example, solar generators, which are lightweight and noiseless, and will fit several different devices, so you don't have to worry about the practicality of the device. Well, in any case, a return is always possible.