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    Guys, today I will seriously tell you about one of my hobbies - a mysterious crossword puzzle. The crossword puzzle, a staple of every British newspaper (even local dailies) and popular throughout the Commonwealth, is becoming something of a lost art. I'm afraid that the new generation with its YouTube channels and its only fans (I don't know what it is) may miss this most serene and intelligent pastime.

    Most people are familiar with the usual crossword puzzle: you answer simple hints and fill the grid with answers. So what is special about the mysterious? Hints!

    Cryptic hints use wordplay devices to hide the answer, and your task as a solver is to think horizontally, enjoy the wordplay and enjoy the "eureka" moment when the answer comes to your mind. While the problem of an ordinary crossword puzzle is only in knowing the little things, a cryptic crossword is a battle of wits between a setter and a solver. In a well-designed puzzle, the answers seem blindingly obvious if you correctly "analyze" their clues.

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    I’ve kinda wanted to get into doing these for a while and have been putting it off—my dad bought me a book about learning to complete ‘em for Christmas last year and I haven’t got around to picking it up yet.


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      Experts refute this judgment if you think that scandals, crossword puzzles, checkers, and other games were invented only to "kill" time. Studies prove that "simple toys" effectively protect against such a terrible disease as Alzheimer's disease. Uncomplicated at first glance, puzzles ideally stimulate brain activity and preserve cognitive function. All those who used to pass the time in Scottish hillside crossword clue with the help of activities, games that enable thought processes, show the best results in memory tests. Even in their old age, these people have an excellent ability to perceive information, to learn - scientists say.


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          What can you do at the hospital?


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            I really don't like these kinds of puzzles because I don't know how to solve them."I really don't like these kinds of puzzles because I don't know how to solve them. I prefer more puzzles or word games. Those are some of my favorites! My little sister often gets these games or books, and I seem happier than her when it happens. I really enjoy solving big puzzles. I solve the small ones pretty quickly, but the big ones take a long time and are so much fun. My most giant puzzle was put together from 10,000 pieces. It took me three weeks! Also, because of hearing problems, where frequent hearing test near me at the doctors, you need something to occupy yourself in the hospital.
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