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Diesel vs. gas tractor?

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  • Diesel vs. gas tractor?

    I'm thinking about buying a scut, and the Tym T224 is suitable in size and cost. The only thing is that I have never had diesel fuel in my 70 years, and I'm not sure if now is the right time to start. I have 1 1/4 acres and I don't really need a new tractor, but I would like something that my wife can drive and use. 80 cc 782 is fashionable, and 89 Craftsman GT18 is fine, but without a blade or bucket.

    The minimum I need is a snowplow for a 180-foot driveway in winter; it's covered in gravel, so there's no snowplow. I've been doing without a bucket all these years, but now I have money, so why not? The fuel price is not a concern, as I now use premium non-ethanol gas treated with Stabil in all my small engines. What will I have to do with a diesel engine if it will stand for a couple of months without use?

    On Saturday, I was sitting on a new Simplicity Legacy at a JD dealer (which was closed), and I really liked the feel of it. It was the right size, the price includes a snowplow and 50 hours of work on it. I searched the internet and found two sims with fel and 4x4 at good prices, but they are both 4 hours away in the same direction. Tomorrow I'm going to the local sim card dealer to see what he has.

    We went to see JD on Saturday, but he was beaten up. The dealer said that the snowplow costs about $ 1,400 to add to it (hydraulic). I think the sim plow would be about the same if I bought it without it. The Tym dealer sells all the tractors he gets, but he is an hour away, and there are no other dealers closer than almost a hundred miles away.

    Anyway, back to my original question. Is diesel fuel much more efficient than gas?

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    Diesel fuel is best used when using the equipment at low speeds or for a long period of time. Gas engines do not like low RPM, long-term use and do not like low air flow through the radiator. It doesn't seem to make much difference for your use on what fuel. The availability of services and dealers, as well as relationships should be the focus of attention.


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      I prefer diesel tractors. It is the more tractive engine at low rpm, which is required for this kind of machinery. It is at least more practical, more reliable, and cheaper. And the choice between diesel tractors is much more than between gasoline tractors. Although, all have their pros and cons. Everyone chooses what he wants, guided by what he needs this kind of equipment for. If you are looking for something suitable among the vast selection of models, as I did, then I can recommend the company, which has a lot of everything from individual parts to heavy equipment. I bought my tractor and all the equipment here and have never regretted it.