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Severe headache

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  • Severe headache

    Yesterday I got very sick with nausea. It was easy to clean up. I did it on purpose. Now I feel that I want to be cleansed today,
    I have never had bulimia, just anorexia

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    Should I see a doctor, or will it go away by itself ?


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      Here it is like with any other disease, for example, with the flu: you can "lie too long," you can even "go over" on the principle of "will pass by itself." Still, there is always a risk that without professional help, it will end with severe complications and hospitalization. In general, it is better to see the doctor right away and let him decide what is necessary now - to drink tea with honey or immediately take antimicrobial medications, similarly, with depression. A person cannot assess his condition. In contrast to the flu, which everyone has experience treating, depression even friends and relatives won't help. It would be best if you saw a specialist and start taking