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So my friend stole my ScT...

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  • So my friend stole my ScT...

    Well I was at my friends and I was browsing through ScT, anyway I had to go home fast, so I left him.

    I get back home, and he was running a keylogger and he knew my email address and pass and changed the damn ScT details! Even my email! I would kick the shit out of him right now but he went somewhere with his family, and I think he'll try to dodge me from now on.

    Plus he's not really a friend, so even worse.

    So can anyone tell me the ScT IRC? Or make the mIRC script (on the IRC page) for me? I still have the /msg nick + invite code line, if you could do this for me I'll PM it to you.

    Or is there any other way?

    God dammit I'm pissed off at my friend right now, if I ever see him again I'm gonna punch his face off .
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    And i dont even have an invite.


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      worst case is report the account and disable it. if you cant have one can
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        Originally posted by DrWhax View Post

        And i dont even have an invite.
        Ok well it works, and somehow I registered with it via /msg nickserv IDENTIFY. Now it says the pass is recognized, but I'm stuck in the channel with no one. Do you know their support channel?

        Thanks for your help though man :001_smile:.


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          Just tell them the truth and hope they understand.

          But seriously what exactly is the point of browsing a tracker at someone else's house?


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            Just hope for an understanding mod in IRC, and tell him your story. I don't think there is much else that you really can do.


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              I got it back no worries. IRC FTW


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                i'm really happy for you !!!!


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                  Nice D3lit3. Good for you, mate.


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                    Originally posted by D3lit3 View Post
                    I got it back no worries. IRC FTW
                    Nice to know that. Happened to a friend of mine too. His computer got keylogged. Anways i helped him to get to the irc to get his accounts back. He didn't even knew about the irc until i suggested it. Lol


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                      Yeah thanks guys. Plus I kicked the dude's ass. So it was a win-win situation.


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                        Nice you got your account back. ^^ That guy probably also won't be a 'friend' anymore. ;)

                        *Greetings, Elonoir.*
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