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Forum / tracker for 2018 World Cup Football highlights?

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  • Forum / tracker for 2018 World Cup Football highlights?

    Just wondering where you guys get your highlights of the World Cup matches in English, either via torrents or cyber lockers.

    Would be great if you could offer your thoughts. Thank you.

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    To be honest all the matches are shared in all big General Trackers like IPT etc (by scene), and also ofc you can find them by scene and p2p groups in BTN, MTV, and other hd trackers, like HDB, HD-Torrents etc.



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      Good day. Nowadays you don't need to download anything. All you can watch online, there are a lot of sites for this purpose. For example I follow Spanish La Liga Primera and trying to watch all matches in live. But if I will miss some game I always can check highlights on Youtube!


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        Forums or the trackers are established for 2018 world cup of football highlights as a way of bit torrent discussion. This is a way to highlights the cup with the world cup matches in with the tags like general, great, guys, trackers and etc.


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