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Best Textbook Resources (High School and College)

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  • Best Textbook Resources (High School and College)

    What are people's favorite trackers for textbooks? Are there any textbooks that are particularly hard to find? Lets talk learning resources.

    I am a teacher, and firmly believe it would be prudent to have unprotected digital copies of some texts, or at least have somewhere to surreptitiously point my students. A great deal of them don't buy their textbooks because of cost, and it really would help some students to have them available.

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    When I was a student, sometimes it was hard for me to find these textbooks. By the way, I often had huge problems with my studies and only thanks with the constant help of people from I got really good marks.


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      For me, for example, one of the main points when entering College was first of all writing a professional resume. I reviewed a lot of templates, but it was all a bit boring and monotonous for perception, so when I was lucky enough to find a great article on how to write a professional resume correctly for law school, I realized that it is really better to entrust it to professionals.