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tracker for korean tv shows

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  • tracker for korean tv shows

    Hey , im looking some trackers that have korean tv shows and movies , though mostly tv shows .
    i did google it , found a few different trackers , though from what i read it is not easy to get access to those .

    so my main question is , do you guys have any sites that you would recommend ?
    preferable sites that i can access either with an invite from you , or if you know of any sites that are open /easy access through sign-ups

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    Hi, here are some trackers for Korean TV shows that are easy to get access to Dramas and TV shows in 1080p/720p Most active Korean Public tracker K-POP Shows in 1080i/720p K-POP Shows in 1080i/720p

    there are lots of korean public trackers out there that doesn't need registration like,
    for tcafe3 you need to register and get some points by doing the attendance check game (출석게임)
    if you need jpopsuki or hdhome invites let me know.


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      which of the sites would you personally recommend for drama shows ?
      i normally tend to stay away from public trackers

      it is mainly for my gf , she have been asking for korean shows , and my main trackers doesnt really have a lot of those :P


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        just go with, they have everything and with english subs, I don't have an invite for it, they open the registration very frequently


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          i will try that then , thanks mate :)


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            Aviats. Sister publichd