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Best tracker for reality TV?

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  • Best tracker for reality TV?

    Mostly looking for those awful shows that aren't on TV here. I don't think I'm allowed to be specific...

    EDIT: Removed show titles and name of TV channel...

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    I don't think I'm allowed to be specific...

    Hmmm, give us more info. What shows? Are they very rare with few people who watch them? I think with 1-2 TV trackers like the ones who open their doors for freshon ex-members, you will be fine. MTV and others, search here or reddit. ofc BTN is the best of all, but this doesn't mean you can't find you shows around. Also general trackers may have them.


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      Thanks for the reply! I found the show in question on Youtube actually...

      The shows I can't find tend to be US reality shows that are in fact rare with few watchers. I guess they're so cheap to make that low viewership doesn't matter! I keep hoping there's an all reality tracker that has even the most obscure, old, shows...

      (I checked again, and the rules here still state that I can't mention names and it's not important anymore anyway!)


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        Mtv and btn is best I recently join to bit hdtv that one is good too