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Best E-Learning Tracker In Terms Of Content ?

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  • Best E-Learning Tracker In Terms Of Content ?

    I have a question which e-learning tracker has the best content ?

    MyAnonamouse,,TheVault,BitSpyder, Bitme ?

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    It's hard to compare, because all of them have different things.


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      Originally posted by dwguy View Post
      It's hard to compare, because all of them have different things.
      For example?I ask in general e-book


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        Check out The Geeks. I think they have open signup right now.


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          As for ebooks in general, I would bet that Bibliotek would be the best, but at the same time that is the hardest one to get in. I believe that BitMe follows Bibliotek right after with quite alot of e-book content, and you might see some giveaways even here in the forum for that.. I have even seen a few as GAs in 10%.

          TheGeeks is most likely the best choice for you to go with as for now, since they have open signup as Skywalking just mentioned too. After their change to the click domain and a long downtime, I am pretty sure that the activity is quite high and people are uploading plenty of e-book content.

          I can't vouch for MyA because I am not that informed of their collections, but that could be one place to look for if you get access somehow. Then on the other hand trackers that you mentioned are more niche: BitSpyder heavily focuses on educational but has some ebooks. TheOccult is a Cult/Mythology related, TheVault is Business/Marketing related, so if you are looking for e-books, I believe those are not the places you are aiming to.

          Then there's obviously big general trackers. From personal experience I can say that for example IPT, TL, FL etc have uploaders that do yearly or monthly ebook packs that can contain up to thousands of e-books = plenty to read for one sit. Of course if you are looking for individual publishes or fresh ones, general trackers are not the best place to go :P

          There's also a huge list of other trackers, some open, some private..

          I would suggest the following:
          1. Check what the trackers that you are already in have to offer, if you are a member in any big general ones.
          2. Sign up to TheGeeks, since they are open for limited time. (If you are looking for niche categories, alternatively ThePlace (Seduction), TheOccult (Cult), TheVault (Business)
          3. Look some GAs up and find your way in to BitSpyder, BitMe, MyA or with good luck Bibliotek.
          4. If you can't find what you need from parts 1-2 and you can't get to 3, try googling for smaller Private E-book/learning trackers, might be suprised and find a gem!
          (Some places that people have referred to as being good sources amongst the ones mentioned are ex. ABTorrents for audiobooks, RainbowNation which recently opened a limited signup.)

          Hopefully this helps
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            I like BizTorrents but they closed their doors for over a year now and we cannot use our invites Max users 1,000. I also love BS and ElBitz. ElBitz was open signup last I checked. : )


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              Bibliotik for e-books.

              Check BitSpyder and Bitme - very good e-learning trackers


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                Not so many learning-tracker. Check all:


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