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  • Torrentbytes

    I just joined Torrentbytes got my invite from the one of the admins at one of the private torrent sites I am part of...

    Is Torrrentbytes any good compared to what's else is out there does anyone know?

    Also they have some weird questions that are part of the uploader application (weird to me at least).

    "What type of axx do you have? (Please include a screenshot of your axx showing a folder with todays date)"

    Does anyone know what this exactly means?

    The other question I was not familiar with is was:

    "What pre time would your uploads have (in average)?"

    Does anyone know what "pre time" means, because if it's means seeding why don't they just say that?

    Finally I was able to get this invite from Empornium I have been a member there for several years I just checked my profile and it says I have 4 invites available so I would be willing to give them away to any people who are serious about sharing. The bonus part would be that if you get in there you can get access to other torrent sites with all kinds of content. So if you can help me answer those questions I would be happy to send you an invite.