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Seedbox cross seeding question.

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  • Atarigamer
    I've found a good tutorial here that goes through it for a seedbox in straight forward language.

    Anybody else finding this thread in future it's at:

    How to cross seed scene releases on a seedbox using ruTorrent fast, safe easy

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  • Atarigamer
    started a topic Seedbox cross seeding question.

    Seedbox cross seeding question.

    I've been unable to locate an answer here or anywhere else that clearly explains it to me.

    I've been a member at one tracker for a long time as my only tracker. I've recently joined a second general tracker and have been reading up on cross seeding, originally with the intention to take full advantage of it but then started reading it can get you banned if you mess it up.

    I did some searching and from what I read you can get in trouble if you add the second tracker to the announce channel of the 1st trackers torrent. I have no idea how I would do this.

    So to avoid my incompetency getting me banned I am hoping someone can help me out with some simple answers

    1) Downloading individual torrents from separate trackers, will this cause a problem? Even if they are the same files?

    2) If downloading the same files from two trackers, will my seedbox recognise I already have them, but seed to two trackers hence safe cross seeding?

    3) What can I do to ensure I am cross seeding safely?

    I plan to set up autodl for both to help with ratio, so clearly I can set it up to grab the same releases and have it autodl from both trackers. Would this be the best way to go?

    Thanks for any help.