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  • Best / Worst ISP for torrenting

    In your opinions what is the best ISP for torrenting? What about the worst?

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    That's an interesting question, webproddroid.

    Can you quantify what you mean by best? Best speed? Most lax with blocking and throttling.

    I obviously can't make a comparison with ISPs outside my geo area, but here in New York (I think it's OK to geo tag myself so vaguely) Both Optimum and Verizon FiOS are pretty good. Optimum seems ESPECIALLY lenient when it comes to P2P activity - I am safe (SSH, VPV, SFTP, etc.) so they don't know EXACTLY what I am up to, but I have some friends who don't heed my advice and have rarely seen their speed throttled (though it does happen from time to time it's usually after an intense downloading session). Optimum has also issued the rare intellectual property warning but they are pretty good about it - as long as you stop sharing/engaging in the specific activity mentioned, they leave you alone. I'm not so sure about FiOS but I've not heard any anecdotes from any torrenters on there that would indicated that they are gunning for torrenters.

    It should be mentioned, however, that Optimum (Cablevision) just got bought-out by Dutch firm Altice NV so we'll see how it goes.