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Seeding with several clients on a tracker?

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  • Seeding with several clients on a tracker?

    Hi guys,

    Do any of you have experience seeding with more than one torrent client on private trackers?
    I would love to move some torrents from Deluge to Transmission after initial download and seeding is done. So basicaly newly added torrents would be seeded from Deluge and older ones with Transmission.

    Is it allowed or strictly forbined?


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    Yeah you can do it, you just can't seed same torrent using both clients.

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      its depend on the tracker's rules. for example BCG wont let you do that


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        Originally posted by DieHard007 View Post
        its depend on the tracker's rules. for example BCG wont let you do that
        Hmmm. I think I will have to ask at every tracker i want to use 2 clients. There is nothing written in the rules though.


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          It depends on tracker' rules, but almost you can do that :)


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            If you were seeding the same torrent from multiple clients, I believe that would mess with the tracker stats. So, yeah, that would be a no, no. However, I have two seedboxes plus I use my home connection sometimes and they all have different torrent clients. None of my trackers are opposed to this. After you move a torrent and the tracker updates, you'll notice the client listed for that torrent on your profile page has changed, too. (Of course, not all trackers provide such detailed info on the profile pages.)

            It's possible there are some antiquated trackers that might prohibit it because it screws up their stats but I just don't see how it would.


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              Yeah everything works just fine right now. With trackers not opposing this.