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Best tracker for UK ebooks?

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  • Best tracker for UK ebooks?

    I'm looking at getting some 'property investment' type books from English authors. This means they are only really popular in the UK, so not easily found. (I would add the author/titles but not sure if this allowed?).

    I already have IPT which they don't appear on.

    Can anyone offer any help please?
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    I'm not aware of any UK-specific ebook tracker, but there's Bibliotik, baconbits, MyAnonamouse, theGeeks, Bitme, Bitspyder which should contain some of that. There is also theVault, which is a business related tracker so you may find the stuff there.


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      As achis said before , you should seek invites to the ebook torrent sites as above. MyAnonamouse > Bibliotik > bitme > Bitspyder > baconbits > Thegeeks. The sorting is according to the number and quality of torrents

      Macho ;)

      Are you a member of any of the trackers listed below ? Please i need an invite .. PM me please | HD-Torrents | Broadcasthenet | TheVault | Bibliotik | MyAnonamouse
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        As the other members provided you all the ebooks related tracker sites. If you can't find the book that you are looking for here is the search strings that you can use to find the ebooks.

        Google Custom Search
        Type in the google search bar of just copy past for specific ebook specify the name.

        -inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:"index of" +("/ebooks"|"/book") +(chm|pdf|zip)

        -inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:"index of" "Last modified" comics +(cbr|pdf|zip)