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Tips for building a positive ratio on What

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  • Tips for building a positive ratio on What

    At this point my ratio is at an acceptable level, however, it's the only tracker where I haven't really been able to launch it to the next level. I'll often grab a few and let them seed for quite a while but I can't manage to build that ratio up like I want to.

    Anyone have any tips for What?
    What should like look for in a torrent on What? Each tracker site has it's own nuances, etc.... Thanks in advance!

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    try to upload flac (very popular) or check new programs on Audionews , gfxpeers, IPT .. and upload those things.


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      download torrents in freeleech, they always do stuff like "staff pick of the month" and all of those torrents are in freeleech, that helps a lot


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        Downloading Programs that you know people will keep grabbing, like Adobe programs.

        As said, uploading flac and generally music from 2015 is great move, seedboxes downloading them automatically.

        Edit: How to buffer on
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          dont hit and run
          download torrents in freeleech
          download bonus torrents


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            it's very very hard, i'm seeding all freleech torrent with my server 1/1Gb for reach Power User status, i've uploaded 10 albums, but reach 25gb of upload is very difficult.


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              Upload torrents and freeleech is best way


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                Don't download what you can't afford to upload, meaning if it's big, and your connection is limited, don't just go in full blast. ;)