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    Originally posted by pb_teo View Post
    @achls I am not baconBits, but at BH5. There the 'official unlimited invites for ToTV" is inactive. Are you sure that on BaconBits they are sharing.If yes, time to go into bacon lol
    It does seem like it. The last "thanks for the invite" post was a week ago, and it looks like invites are still being given.

    But the requirements are pretty high (reaching Elite on bB requires at least 15 uploads).

    Originally posted by ToTV admin
    When I first started this thread, we were still running an extremely hacked out version of Ocelot, and things seemed stable.
    But, after inviting only a couple of hundred people, it started giving us trouble. At this point, we had no option but to get rid of it, and switch to our custom tracker (Which is still under active development).

    Since I couldn't really close this topic, and we still wanted a steady stream of members to discover / report bugs, we decided to simply lift the requirements up a bit. But, I assure you, we'll roll the requirements back to PU/realistic levels once things become stable at our end.

    I am really sorry if our sudden decision kept you out. But, I really hope you'll see the reason behind it, if you choose to look at this from the perspective of individuals who have been working very hard to try and bring something new to the table.


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      Nigdy nie powinieneś zamykać się na bliskich, zwłaszcza jeśli masz problemy seksualne. Zwłaszcza, gdy takie problemy w XXI wieku można łatwo rozwiązać. Wypróbuj ten środek tu i ponownie zacznij cieszyć się życiem seksualnym.


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