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    BBT is the best for anime unless
    1- it's not licensed by Funimation which wont be uploaded there (But after a very long time licenses will get rescind and Funimation will not pay for license for ever.)
    2- You are not in a hurry for the offers to be accepted (Just want to archive anime or watch not recently anime)

    Although they have Horrible-Subs for some anime that they deem not going to have a blue-ray release for a long time, but those Horrbile-Sub's releases eventually will be replace with DVD rip releases.
    It's a great tracker because they compare every release that are available for 3 slots and most of the times for with and without Eng Dub (if available) to choose the best quality and not diverse the swarm.

    I think every one can upload anything on AB and probably some torrents will get replaced by other releases and probably die (I guess!) but it will not happen on BBT because they choose the best release and even in case of a better release (which may come not in a short time after acceptance of a release). Everyone will download only one release for that slot.

    Anyway, If you are not a encoder, I thing AB and BBT is enough for you. I've heard U2 is mostly for encoding groups who want untouched DVDs and BDs as source of their word.

    If you know the release groups you can go straight to their websites, Nyaa, XMDD, IRC bots or Kametsu and grab what you want from there,


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      AnimeBytes is what you're looking for, it has a lot of completed animes and has a pretty active community right now.
      The releases most of the time are high quality as far as I know.


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        Yes i think animebytes is a complete site for anime fanatic but given ho hard it is to jin i would recommend

        This the the path i took too i just initially got into anime so i was watching mainly popular animes like naruto shippuden,bleach etc & nyaa or covers just fine also building ratio is a childs play on sometime however for latest & niche animes i got the feeling it just isnt enough & hence eventually got AB invite & to tell you the truth its heaven & u wont need any other anime site with this one except for keeping it as a backup.


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          some good info on this topic, thanks for the input everyone... Jut wish Animebytes was easier to get into haha. i hold high ratios and run my own server and still cant get in haha..

          EDIT: Anyone have suggestions on a good place to find where anime hits first? Like oldschool bintube? lol


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            nyaa and BBT will do until you obtain ab but IMO both of them are slow compare to irc content


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              AnimeBytes is the only tracker one needs as all new episodes are freeleech and the site goes freeleech too every month or two when the freeleech pool is full for 48hrs so one can grab almost everything free. been there for four yrs now


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                  Animebytes is best for anime.