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What are the best trackers for stuff in german?

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  • What are the best trackers for stuff in german?

    Are there any trackers that have a good collection of german language movies/music?

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    Seems there ain't any then? :(

    Or are they just so super secretive that nobody here knows or talks about them... ;)


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      Think that most people here are mostly just not interested in it. ;) It's an English forum and I think that most people just prefer to watch their movie's in that language instead of german dubbed ones. =)
      Music I think can also be found on other general music trackers. =) Might also find some german movies on general movie trackers. =)


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        well u can find all on some private trackers, probably best thing for what u want is some kind of progrma, maybe better than trackers, but probably there r some good trackers also
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          Well maybe. But it isn't the case of me being lazy and not looking around. I have been looking around quite a lot for this lately. Still nothing good turned up. Then again I have been on nice swedish, romanian, bulgarian, russian, dutch, french and even finnish trackers. And that wasn't hard at all, not hard to find or to get in either. Also most of these languages are spoken by fewer people than german. So it seems really strange that there are no well known german trackers. Well maybe someone should start one and get rich and famous... ;)


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            never heard of any...


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              best german tracker

              the one that comes to my mind is tstracker


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                Originally posted by schofly View Post
                the one that comes to my mind is tstracker
                Thank you!

                I saw that tracker in the review section the other day and got quite excited about it. After some deep digging I even managed to find the signup page (no, one can't just google it).

                But no luck there: closed since user limit of only 500 (in words: fivehundred) was reached. At least that is what the site said.

                Are there really just 500 users? If not, how many? Do you know anything about whether they give out invites or let new user in through a regular registration?

                I would appreciate any info on this site you or anybody else can give.

                Btw. here is the direct link to the review


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                  Ts tracker i tihnk