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  • Best game "possible" game tracker

    I am wondering what the best tracker that you can realistically get into (ones with invites or semi-regular open periods.) as I am looking for a lot of PS2, gameboy, wii, PC games that I would prefer getting from somewhere a bit more reliable than the open trackers.

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    BCG may be the one :) (i am not a member and is now offline)

    many general trackers also have games categories

    bitgamer was opened maybe day before yesterday???? but i am not impressed


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      IPT has an abundance of games for all the platforms you easy to get in to. It's not necessarily the best in terms of rank, but the content is huge


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        I am currently a member of IPT but I sometimes find it very hard to find content.. Sometimes it just seems to lack a strong search which is a bit disappointing at times!


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          GGN is the only decent gaming tracker I know since BCG went offline.


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            GGN? What's that exactly? :)


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              GazelleGames. They have lots of games. They even have a lot of boardgames and Pen-and-Paper RPGs. I miss the packs of BCG, though. I hope they get up again.


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                I'm gonna say something different than GG or BCG (wich are good, especially the latter, but if you are looking for a bunch of PS2 games, GG it's not the best idea).
                Romshepherd, they have got a bunch of redump sets for a lot of consoles, you have to ask for an invite in their forum, but if you do it well, you won't have much problems to get in (be a good user, though)


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                  I recomend PlayBits


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                    GGn is what your looking and of course i would say also but it's growing and i have a feel that you won't like there because they don't have a lot of content their yet BCG naaaaahhhhh i wouldn't go there unless i am a pro and have a seedbox with super speedy internet connection (but even if you do have all that they will ban you for some freaking reason you'll be finding another home for yourself) so the bottom line is go for GGN save your self time and your inviter an invite.
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                      +1 for Gazelle Games. Overall, they have 22k torrents compared to 12k for IPT.

                      BCG was the best, but is down indefinitely.

                      Also, FYI, is NOT a resurrection of the old bitgamer from what I could find. Same name, totally different site. Not saying that it's good or bad -- just don't confuse any discussion with the old bitgamer for the .ch site.


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                        this is from my old add, maybe it will help

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                          I use IPT for games even when others are available.

                          There are few acceptable gaming sites to depends on.,,,,, and XBOX-SKY. IPT isn't gaming tracker but I consider it better than all of the others when it comes to games for many reasons like the variety of uploaded repacks, cracks only uploads, pre-times (of the repacks, scene and p2p releases) and the problem solving sharing at the comments of the torrents. I'm talking about PC gaming (Android too). GGn imo is the next after IPT for one reason which the organized games listing. BCG has easy system to share and seed back plus it's there for long time ago which mean they have good archive and seeding activity but they go down like each month all the time. and Playbits are new but they grow fast and the description of the games and torrents are becoming better. They just need to take interest in p2p releases and REPACKS more.


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                            As an FYI, BCG is not down indefinitely.
                            Here is their twitter page which is update regularly:


                            I'm hoping it isn't too long before they are back.

                            Now for your question: BCG is the best, hands down (it used to be a combo of BCG + UG but those times are gone).
                            BCG is normally a little tricky to get into. However, I wouldn't be surprised if they had an open sign-ups after they come back on line to fill up some of the gaps during their downtime.
                            Keep an eye on their twitter and see what happens.

                            If you are desperate, in the meantime, I've found that GGN has the 2nd best collection.

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                              BG+UG was hands down the best, but they both closed. BCG was a close second, but it is offline at the moment and not particularly healthy recently. GGn seems to be best choice for now, but it is difficult to upload unless you have a good seedbox. rutracker is still the best for pratically everything, but tricky to use.